No Stories Today

Life on the ranch has been pretty darn quiet the last few months, just how we like it, actually. Time moves by so fast I thought it was high time I share some new shots of the babies, my two were gelded at the first of the month. It was an easy procedure for them. So now you all get to see them as my new geldings. I put a few other pictures in because, well I liked them (shots of Gracie and Pistol and the punker, Deuce). Half of the herd was busy helping me take pictures so they got left out. I always love their help.

The first two are of Partner who is now 9 months old, he is so dang cute.

Then there is the palomino, Gaits, who is just four days younger than Partner and several inches shorter. Those short horses are soooo much easier to saddle, I am liking it. The day I was taking the pictures he was napping with Eagle standing guard over him. He was out.

Then the trio. CUTE!!! And several of Deuce, you remember the one who’s mane and tail are changing color. If you look on his tail you can see the platinum out about two inches. If you look really hard you can see his mane changing.

Of course the ever gorgeous Gracie, and Pistol at the hay ring.

Oh happy trails.

Partner Head Shot as a Gelding

Parner as a new GeldingGaits Gelded

Gaits Sleeping

Deuce, Gaits, Paarner

Head Shot of Gracie

Gracie, 12:18:14

Duece Chasing Shadow

Deuce at Four Months

Pistol at the Hay

Aces for Deuce

If I were a gambler (does taking huge chances count?) I would be putting my aces all on Deuce, the cutest little Missouri Fox Trotter filly. She is less than a month old in these pictures, and what a horsanality she has already. Her light red hair is turning very blonde. Shortly, when her mane and tail grow just a touch more, she will be our resident punker, with red tipped platinum hair. I will update you when that happens. In the mean time enjoy these pictures of her and her mother, Dandy.

Oh, and by the way, they are part of my current pasture guests. They belong to Katherine and James Stone of Twin Star Farm. They produce fabulous MFTs, at least I think so. Pistol and Gaits both came from them. Be sure to get in touch with them for more information on these two beauties.


Deuce looking thru the fence

Deuce and Dandy

Deuce and Dandy Butts

Deuce the cutest

Aren’t I just the cutest?

Partner Arrives

Partner arrived here on Thursday, August 27, 2014. A memorable day for all of us here. Steve was a real trooper and offered to not only give him to me as a birthday present, thank you very much, but to drive to Missouri to pick him up, on his vacation no less. A very kind and thoughtful offering. Thursday was like Partner’s first day of school in a new town with no body he knew. He tried to make new friends but the circle was really tight and the herd was not allowing newbies in, even if they are just babies. And the teacher, well she was off flirting with the new neighbors across the fence. He was all alone. But then Shadow came along and really wanted to play with the big guy. A memorable day!

Partner 2

Partner 3

He really wanted to be with the rest of the herd, but not yet they said.

Partner 4

Velvet, a yearling, checking him out. He said, “I am a baby.”

Partner 5

Gaits wanted to be included also.

Partner 6

Partner 7

It seems a friendship is forming here between Gaits and Partner.

Partner and Shadow


Jetta Laying Down

Just when the photo ops were getting good, one is thrown into the post that seems out of character. Well maybe it is, but it is so RARE that one would ever see Jetta, a lead mare, laying down. The stars, the sun and the moon were all aligned correctly for her to feel her herd was in good hands, whose ever they were, and she could rest for a moment. As a lead mare it is her responsibility to always be on alert for predators or predatory behavior and warn the others. That is her job and she is very serious about it. In all the years Jetta has been here this may be the second time I have witnessed such an occurrence. Lucky for me I had the camera in hand.

Stay tuned for Partner’s arrival home yesterday. Now that has been fun. Wait until you see him…GORGEOUS!!!

It’s Hot!!!!!

When it is as hot as this week has been everyone wants to find a way to stay cool. Today it was either snoozing under the trees or eating pond grass, but it was all about the pond. For some reason eating grass while in the cool of the water trumps the lust green grass out in the sun. Wonder why?

Hope at the Pond

Hope searching for the best pond grass.

Jetta at the Pond
Jetta staying motionless in the shade of the trees on the dam.

Pistol at the Pond
Pistol, I almost got the perfect shot of him or it would have been if the battery had not died in my camera. This is the shot before the one that got away. I want everyone to see how gorgeous he really is.

Gaits at the  Pond

Gaits at the  Pond 2

Velvet at the Pond

Velvet and Splash at the Pond

Gaits looks very grown up here. It really is just an illusion. His little buddies in the water are Velvet and Splash, two of my boarders.

Jetta’s first ride after four years.

Jetta and Don by the Pond

Jetta and Don

This was almost a year ago, but still such a memorable moment it is still worth sharing. Jetta had some physical issues that lead to emotional issues and the result was she just did not want to be ridden. Then I found Don Knapp, and we got that all worked out. This was the fourth time he had ridden her but the first out in the open pasture. She is such a gifted horse; light, sensitive and well gaited to name a few. It was like a miracle.

That is just how he rolls.

Pistol 3

Pistol after a rollPistol in the pasture

Black horses are just plain hard to photograph, so I decided to capture his horsanality instead. Pistol is just a character. After he finished rolling and getting covered in dirt he went for the hose, which was not even on, but he was having fun playing with it anyway. Then off to the herd to see what kind of trouble he could stir up. That is just how he rolls!!!!